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Drag & Drop Template Builder

With the modular principle, you can create and design all imaginable templates from scratch. An intelligent slot system also enables elements to be moved later using drag & drop. Simply Drag and Drop Content from the Right Hand side widgets, into the display screen on the Left. 

We have developed an advanced and powerful template builder especially for agencies, but also for customers who would like to design their own templates.

WYSIWYG allows maximum control over the final display at every step.  

Responsive templates can also be easily created with the Template Builder.



Our program editor offers a wide range of options for creating your automation routes. Configure welcome mails up to highly complex individual solutions.

Choose from a wide variety of events and branches and create your marketing route easily using drag & drop. Use individual starting points such as a double opt-in confirmation or a shopping cart abandonment in your online store.

Use automated marketing routes for welcome mailings, birthday mailings or Miss You mailings to increase your customer loyalty.

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Our reporting tools and comprehensive campaign reports help you
to gain information about the behavior of your customers in order to be able to create even more successful mail campaigns.

Use the automatic labeling of the click behavior of your customers with our graphic heat system or analyze your success with the help of the 3D click map.

Analyze the response data of your campaigns directly within the mailing history. Gain insights into the most important metrics, openings, clicks and many more.


Effectively increase the possibilities of your mailings as well as the user friendliness for your customers with dynamic mailing content.

Use the advanced options of AMP Mail and Integrate components such as carousels, accordions or forms.

FriendsMail Editor Formatierungen
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Landing Page Editor

Create and design landing pages, registration forms and much more with the drag and drop landing page editor. Benefit from ready-made modules and structures for even more efficient creation of your pages.

With the landing page editor you can create any templates “from scratch” or adapt existing page templates. The predefined apps help you
to design the landing pages you want without any programming knowledge . Your pages are hosted by us.

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